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Some pros refer to it as “Down and Dirty.” Others refer to it as “Guerrilla Photography.” Whatever the case, there comes a time when any professional photographer is short on supplies, forgets his tungsten light set at home or his external flash batteries go dead. For the purposes of this article, I am talking the absolute basics for a newbie photographer who has to get some pics in a hurry for his or her website.


When Outdoors: ALWAYS have the sun at your back.

Avoid shooting at high noon when shadows will hide your subjects’ eyes and cast a shadow under his or her nose. Just set the camera to automatic and disable the flash. Use a tripod if possible. Don’t place your subject in front of a lamp-post, small tree, or any vertical object that is going to look like it’s growing out of your subject’s head.

When Indoors: Light, light, light.

Disable your camera flash and turn on every light in the room. Add more lamps / lights if you can find them. Once again. Set the camera to auto and let it do the work. We’re talkin’ amateur hour here. Do not place your subject in front of a brightly lit window or your subject will turn out as a dark shadow. DO place your subject near a natural light source like a window. Generally try to get your entire subject in the picture. Don’t cut off feet, elbows or top of the head. Use a tripod or lean on something to keep camera shake at a minimum. Try not to center your subject in the picture frame. It usually makes for a boring picture. It’s called “The Rule of Thirds.” See picture below. My time has run out but, I will come back soon and explain my basic photography suggestions in more detail.


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