Saratoga Suckers

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The Whitney Gun Runner Horse Racing

The purpose:

The Tote Board and Our Mission:

To provide an entertaining place on the internet to post and share articles, thoughts and preferably funny ( or serious ) stories concerning all things horse racing and gambling, with an emphasis, more or less, on the great and historic city of Saratoga Springs, New York as well as surrounding areas. Any stories about growing up in the Saratoga Springs area would be greatly appreciated. Encounters with the rich and famous, entertainers, events at the Casino, and pictures past and present can only add to the experience. We would be honored for you to send us your horse racing rants, observations, pet peeves, pics, or just plain interesting stories.

Project Year: 2004 - 2020

Status: Retired / For Sale

The process:

This website was the first one I ever built. It was originally requested by a friend for a brainstorm he had. He never followed through with his epiphany and lost interest in the website. Since it was my first website, it became my pet project. It went through many changes over the years. It eventually morphed into an entertainment blog. There was an extensive, exclusive photo and video gallery as well as articles related to Saratoga Springs, NY and its horse racing legacy. One summer I had a local handicapper and updated his picks every day during that track season. It was last updated using the WordPress CMS website platform. Eventually the site became too much work to perform constant updates. After years of hard work I reluctantly pulled the plug so I could concentrate my time on building websites for others. The domain name should still have a fair amount of SEO juice. I would consider selling the entire website backup or just the domain name. The entire website was dowloaded and COULD be re-used. All the images and content are also saved to a hard drive.

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Saratoga Springs
New York
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