VM Choppy and Sons

VM Choppy Worker Sparks Flying Grinding Steel
Stacks of Steel at VM Choppy and Sons Worker Waiting to be Fabricated
VM Choppy and Sons Forklift Moving Steel

VM Choppy and Sons

The purpose:

V.M. Choppy and Sons fabricates numerous projects including chutes, hoppers, ducts, elbows, tanks and welded cylinders, among a wide variety of other industrial metal fabrication products. We use carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in our fabrication services. Our many years of experience have taught us the strengths and limitations of all the different materials we use giving us an innate knowledge into which metals will work best for your application.

Project Year: 2015 - 2019

Status: Current

The process:

Vince Sr. found me online and gave me call. He had a website but it was sorely outdated. I met with him at his office to go over his goals and vision for the updated website. While I was there I did an extensive photoshoot. They have a lot of specialty machinery and metal inventory. A very impressive operation. I waded through all the images and enhanced them all using photoshop. A few phone calls and a few weeks later the new website was complete. Vince was very happy and so was I. Another job done well. Four years and much expansion later a new regime contacted me about another website update. They decided to go with another firm and I moved on to other projects. No harm, no foul. It was a great learning experience.


Saratoga Springs
New York
(518) 290-1972