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Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Whether he did or not is up for debate. You made it this far, so you must be savvy enough to realize you need a website. Not just for new business – but for credibility. Social media is fine for your existing customers – but only a bonafide website brings home the bacon with NEW customers. And aren’t NEW customers your goal ? We believe in old fashioned service. Before and after the sale. In a nutshell, our websites help new customers find you and your business.

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Also known as ROI. There are so many advertising mediums competing for your hard earned dollars. A website trumps them all if implemented correctly. Simply put. If you count all the new clients/customers your website generates in a year and multiply it by the average revenue for a new customer, you will see that a website wins hands down. And if your competitors don’t have a website, then you are even further ahead of the game. Hiring a Freelance Web Designer means you get to work one-on-one and with the actual person who is creating your website. This helps ensure your site is right on the money, right from the start. And with the total flexibility to make any changes you need, at any time. Contact Click Du Jour Now.

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From classic, modern, retro, high tech, subtle and under-stated, we have a perfect design for your special project. Business. health, legal, manufacturing, construction, property, hospitality, entertainment websites and more. Click Du Jour website design has you covered.

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