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Adirondack Electric

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The project:

Electrician and Electrical Contracting

Adirondack Electric has been in business since 1996. Owner Dave Freightenburgh started out working with his father (who was an electrician) at an early age, going on service calls and helping to work on various projects. Dave held positions in the construction industry as a project manager for several years. He later went on to receive schooling in the electrical field and started Adirondack Electric.

The process:

When Dave first approached me concerning building a website for his business he said he didn’t know the first thing about websites but, was smart enough to know his business, ANY business, needs a website to compete. I took some pictures of him and his work truck. I built him a Facebook page then proceeded to hunt down some royalty free images. Dave was able to provide me with more images and as is par for the course, I used photoshop to resize and enhance every one. Dave was chomping at the bit to get his website going but he didn’t really have any content for me. So, I sat down and composed my own version of what I knew about his business and it’s history. I emailed it to him and he and his wife Laura proceeded to make prose out of my content. They did a great job telling their story and a few weeks later the Adirondack Electric website was unveiled.

Project Year: 2014

Status: Current


Saratoga Springs
New York
(518) 290-1972