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Northeast Corner Herb Farm

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The Legendary Northeast Corner Herb Farm.


In 1987, Richard and Penny Sandora quit the rat race of corporate jobs to establish their working, organic farm. In the years since, they have proven that two people, working alone, can convert two acres of woodlot into a small but thriving business. Winding pathways, raised beds, birdsong and a broad range of native plants are just a few highlights of their garden. Down a dusty dirt road that winds to its end in the Lower Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, lies a place that many visitors have called “A little bit of heaven”.

Project Year: 2014

Status: Current

The process:

When I sat down with Richard and Penny their website had been live since 2003. They were taking orders for their farm fresh products by way of a print out form and doing fairly well. Pretty amazing actually. I’m not sure what program was used to build the original, but as they both agreed, their website was sorely in need of a facelift. I made a few trips to the farm and took plenty of quality pictures. I started from scratch with the popular website platform known as WordPress CMS. I remanufactured the entire website while emulating the simple charm of the original. I set up an E-Commerce online store with a PayPal shopping cart along with images of all the items they sell. I expanded in their blog called NOTES FROM THE GARDNER. The famous Northeast Corner Herb Farm website – version 2.0 – was off to the races.


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