Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweeps Overlooking Lake George
Fiddler Chimney Sweep

Fiddler On The Roof Chimney Sweep is committed to providing the highest quality. We are the most professional service in the area. When your family’s safety is at stake, we are the experts to trust. Our years of experience and training are your assurance of a job well done. We Are Full Time so You Don’t Have to Wait. We offer Complete Home Chimney Service. Gas, Oil and Wood Fired Chimneys.

Project Year: 2010 / 2015

Status: Current

The process:

Fiddler On The Roof Chimney Sweep was the first website I built for a fee. It wasn’t state of the art – but it was over 20 years ago. A lot has changed. And website design is changing faster and faster each day. Eventually I asked Lenny, the original owner, if he wanted his website updated and he said yes. The second time around I had a lot more images and content to work with. Another satisfied client. Lenny is slowly handing more and more of his business to his son in law Donald. I’m thinkin’ it won’t be long before he asks me about the new Fiddler on the Roof website 3.0.


Saratoga Springs
New York
(518) 290-1972