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Rolling A Cannabis Joint
Mike Ginocchi on his Harley
Mike Ginocchi Pot Investment Lecture

MJ Money Man

The plan:

Welcome Fellow Mary Jane Money Makers. MJ MoneyMan aims to be your go-to source for all things related to the burgeoning, legal cannabis industry. This shall comprise the investment and funding of legalized marijuana growers. We will also discuss the enjoyment and medicinal use of this naturally-growing plant. You may refer to it as pot, marijuana, reefer, ganja or weed. The handwriting has been on the wall for many years now. The magic herb is poised to become legal for medicinal use in MjMoneyMan’s home state of Florida this coming November 4th, 2014.

Project Year: 2014 - 2015

Status: Owner Died

The process:

Mike called me about an idea he had which he would like a website for. He was driving his Harley up from Florida for the annual Americade biker rally in Lake George, NY. We hooked up at my office and he laid out the idea for his new venture and the website to represent it. We consulted often as the website came together. I added a marijuana stock market ticker to the site and all was good. Sadly, a few months later Mike passed away unexpectedly. He was a true visionary and prophet who is sorely missed by many.


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