Bill Bradley Junk Removal

Junk Piled In Front Of Barn
Junked Schwinn Bicycle

Bill Bradley’s Junk Removal can haul just about anything. Furniture, metal, construction debris, odds and ends. They have been in the junk / garbage business for over 25 years. Bill Bradley’s Junk Removal is a small, family-run business that services Saratoga Springs, Greenfield, Malta, Glens Falls, Wilton, New York and surrounding areas. They can haul just about anything: Furniture, metal, construction debris, odds and ends, and much more. They have even done a couple pianos and hot tubs. They can haul a single item or a whole house full. There is no minimum removal amount. They do not do any tire removals, and they also do not do regularly scheduled weekly pickups.

Project Year: 2014

Status: Current

The process:

Bill Bradley contacted me because he tried to build his own website using the so-called “FREE” platforms – Wix / iPage. He was stuck. In over his head. So he asked me to help out. Unlike my website weapon of choice – WordPress CMS – the “FREE” website platforms are unforgiving, short on customization and if you change your mind on a theme, you have to start over from scratch. Really lame. But Bill was in no position to ditch what he started and begin again with WordPress. Bill provided me with some content and images and I went to work with this limited website platform. I photo-shopped all the images and did some head-banging with Bill for some fresh content and we were off to the races. A few weeks later we launched the finished project. Considering the limitations, Bill was happy with the end result. Catastrophe averted. Bill hopes to eventually have me build him a custom deluxe WordPress CMS website. I am looking forward to it.


Saratoga Springs
New York
(518) 290-1972