Red Thumbs Down To Facebook

Internet Real Estate – Rent or Own

Internet Real Estate – Rent or Own

Tools For Planning Ahead

Tools For Planning Ahead

Having a Facebook page is not like having your own website

I revamped my entertainment sites these last few weeks and it’s just appalling to see how many people think their Facebook page is some kind of website. It’s just not. Facebook wants you to think of your page as a website. That’s why they keep moving the goal posts and making it harder for your page to interact without paying Zuckerberg for leads.

It could be argued that a Facebook page is Internet rental property while a website is Internet real estate ownership. Yeah, I know, you have to pay a hosting fee for your website, but I equate that to the price of upkeep and taxes.

Dot Com Versus Long Facebook URL

There is a big difference between versus or some other outrageously long site address. You are mostly going to attract or interact with people who already know you exist. If you want new followers, clients or customers, only a bona fide website can do that. I’m not saying you should dump your Facebook page. It is still a good way to network your projects – as long as you only use the FREE version of Facebook pages. It’s a waste of money to pay Facebook for crummy leads. I know. I tried it. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it yourself.

Like. That’s just your opinion man.

Yes. It is just my opinion. But it comes from hard work and the hard knocks of Facebook changing the rules and knocking me backwards 3 steps for every 2 steps I have taken. What is your experience with Facebook pages? Please let me know. I am interested in your opinion.

And Speaking of Rent or Own

Don’t let the “Free” ads fool. you. There is no such thing as a free website ( without advertising for someone else ). Read up on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Godaddy Web Builder and the other bait and switch scams.


Clown Making Balloon Animals

Wix Is For Kids

Silly Wabbit – Wix Is For Kids


Yeah. I saw the Super Bowl ad.

$4 million for 30 seconds. Has to make you wonder how much the price of a build-your-own website is going to go up in price.

So. If you haven’t already read it on here somewhere, I built one of them Wix websites. It was almost as easy as a Play-Doh Fun Factory – for me. Of course I lost count of how many websites I’ve built since 2004. Why would I use the cheesiest program out there to build a website? Because someone paid me to do it. He bought into the fallacy and couldn’t get past the first page. He hired me to finish the job because he couldn’t.

I suppose you could make a fairly decent one if you have basic computer skills. I suppose you could pull your own teeth and replace the brakes on your car if you had the basic know-how to try it. And the time. Yeah time. We could do everything ourselves if we only had the time.

Before I finished the Wix site for my client I had quite a bit of experience building websites with more difficult programs. So, if you could build a bunch of Wix sites you could most likely get fairly proficient at it too. But you’re probably going to only build one. For yourself. And there is a learning curve involved. Ask my client. After you spend all that time figuring out that Wix program your website would have been long since completed if you hired a professional.

Obviously there are a lot of people trying to learn how to build their own website with no training and doing a good job at it. More power to them. But the biggest drawback to the Wix website – in my opinion – is the fact that you can never transfer – or migrate – that website to another server like you can with more reputable website programs. You are married to Wix. And if you want a die-vorce – you are going to have to start all over from scratch. You will lose it all.

So before you take that big step forward to a build your own website, make sure you ask what happens if you become disappointed or want to upgrade your site.

You just might have second thoughts. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. All is not as easy as it seems.

Clown Making Balloon Animals

Clown Making Balloon Animals


Bass Guitarist Lake George New York

You Get The Picture

You Get The Picture

Taking Your Own Web Photos – Totally Amateur Photography

Gothic Farmers

Gothic Farmers

Some pros refer to it as “Down and Dirty” – others refer to it as “Guerilla Photography.”

Whatever the case, there comes a time when any professional photographer is short on supplies, forgot his tungsten light set at home or his external flash batteries go dead,

For the purposes of this article, I am talking the absolute basics for a newbie photographer who has to get some pics in a hurry for his or her website.

When Outdoors:

  1. ALWAYS have the sun at your back.
  2. Avoid shooting at high noon when shadows will hide your subject’s eyes and cast a shadow under his or her nose.
  3. Just set the camera to automatic and disable the flash.
  4. Use a tripod if possible.
  5. Don’t place your subject in front of a lamp-post, small tree, or any vertical object that is going to look like it’s growing out of your subject’s head.

When Indoors:

  1. Light, light, light. Disable your camera flash and turn on every light in the room. Add more lamps / lights if you can find them.
  2. Once again. Set the camera to auto and let it do the work. We’re talkin’ amateur hour here.
  3. Do not place your subject in front of a brightly lit window or your subject will turn out as a dark shadow.
  4. DO place your subject near a natural light source like a window.
  5. Generally try to get your entire subject in the picture. Don’t cut off feet, elbows or top of the head.
  6. Use a tripod or lean on something to keep camera shake at a minimum.
  7. Try not to center your subject in the picture frame. It usually makes for a boring picture. It’s called “The Rule of Thirds.” See picture below.

My time has run out but, I will come back soon and explain my basic photography suggestions in more detail.


Metal Grinder At Work

Metal Grinder At Work














Robot Customers Shake Hands

Email Issues

Email Issues – Using Too Much Server Space


Having multiple email accounts on your server may be slowing you down.


Most website owners have custom email accounts set up on their server. Who doesn’t like to have an important-looking email address that incorporates your website URL? Example:

The potential problem with running those custom email accounts on your server is that it can eat up precious hard drive space in a short amount of time. Especially if you’re like me, and for some weird reason, you dislike deleting old email. You never know when you might need it, right?

Employees Working At Laptop Computers

If you purchased lots of server disc space from your hosting provider (you can never have enough, eh?) then it may not ever be an issue. But if you purchased the bare minimum (see my article on Server Issues) you could max out your server and slow down page load time or, in a worse case scenario, actually crash your site so no-one can access it. You cannot quantify how many visitors and/or customers you can lose if that happens.

What happens when you run your email accounts off your server.


The server your website relies upon has a finite amount of disc space. The server treats every email as a file. And those files add up quickly and rob you of sorely needed hard drive space. It’s not like the multitude of free email providers that operate separate from your server. Using a free or paid email provider can preserve your precious server’s hard disc space. Consider using an email service that does not reside on your own server and you won’t have to worry about all the great sucking sound of all those email files piling up on your server.

What email provider you should utilize.


Choosing an external email provider can be somewhat daunting because there are so many of them. Google Gmail is free, has gobs of space, and you can set it up to emulate your dot com email address. Mail Chimp is another one to consider. It is available for free or you can pay to add features. You can also purchase email accounts from most hosting providers so get a price from them and avoid the hassle of dealing with precious time spent setting things up. There are tons of other free email providers to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo,, GMX mail, etc. Like anything else, rely on a service that you find easy to use.

It may save you from losing customers and untold cash over the long haul.


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Back Up Your Website

Backing Up Your Website To Your Own Computer


Why it is a good practice.


If you have a reputable hosting plan (and there is no reason to think you don’t) the company you rent your server from should perform regular backups of your site. That being said, I believe it is also a great idea to have backups of your entire website and database on your own pc, computer, external hard drive, cloud or flash drive. If there is fallout with your hosting provider, or, heaven forbid, they go out of business, you have a full backup of your website to migrate or deploy on a new server or with a new hosting company. Back up your website to your personal computer. It just makes good sense.

Tools For Planning Ahead

How to do your own website backups.


To do your own website backups you need access to your server via FTP (file transfer protocol) and to your database, via whichever control panel you are using, usually Linux or Microsoft. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet to walk you through it. You could also hire someone or have the person that built the website do it for you. It’s worth the investment.

If nothing else it will give you piece of mind.