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Building Things Online Since 2004 

We absolutely love, love, love building websites.

Built to last. From Steel. Not Styrofoam. Lumber. Not Legos.

Click here and get your business making money on the rails of the Internet.

Actually, we do love building websites.

We know there are many website designers to choose from. And you only have so much time to choose one. If you’ve been doing your research, you’re probably getting sick of the same old clichés, so we’ll try and keep this short. There are many links in the menu above if you want more detailed info.

We prefer to work local and hope you do too.

We also believe in old-fashioned service after the sale. That may sound like an outdated platitude, but it seems to be missing from many website designers’ marketing pitch.

We don’t want to just build your website.

We’d also like to help maintain it afterwards by keeping it updated, secure and relevant.

In a nutshell.

Our websites help new customers find you or your business. We’ll articulate your vision for success on the largest advertising medium there is. The Internet.

Website design is kinda like herding cats or juggling chainsaws.

Hire a pro to build yours.

Hire Click Du Jour LLC Website Design.


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