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Don’t let the “Click” moniker in our name fool you. Click Du Jour website designs are mobile and multi-screen friendly.

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Why Click Du Jour Website Design ?

A complete web design package:

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Website Design in Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Southern Adirondacks, Lake George Region of Upstate New York and surrounding areas.

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Click Du Jour Web Design.

Click Du Jour LLC is a full service website designer. 

Click Du Jour LLC is a diversified company, which allows us to make your website come to life with professional design elements, photography, video and copywriting.

We also offer complete and continuous Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).

Oh. Just a few things to get out of the way real quick.

There is no such thing as free website hosting services or free website services. No reputable business will design a web page for free. Those ads on TV are just to get your attention. Someone has to pay something to design a web page, or design a web site.

And you’ll need a website host service. And those certainly are not free.

I’d also like to briefly mention the old proverb: “The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes”

Why would I mention that? And what would stop the cobbler from repairing his children’s shoes? 

He’s just too busy doing paid work. As am I.

So this site needs more work and is in constant flux because, you guessed it, I’m busy working on OTHER people’s web sites.


Click Du Jour Made In The USA

Click Du Jour Made In The USA