Wix Is For Kids

Silly Wabbit – Wix Is For Kids


Yeah. I saw the Super Bowl ad.

$4 million for 30 seconds. Has to make you wonder how much the price of a build-your-own website is going to go up in price.

So. If you haven’t already read it on here somewhere, I built one of them Wix websites. It was almost as easy as a Play-Doh Fun Factory – for me. Of course I lost count of how many websites I’ve built since 2004. Why would I use the cheesiest program out there to build a website? Because someone paid me to do it. He bought into the fallacy and couldn’t get past the first page. He hired me to finish the job because he couldn’t.

I suppose you could make a fairly decent one if you have basic computer skills. I suppose you could pull your own teeth and replace the brakes on your car if you had the basic know-how to try it. And the time. Yeah time. We could do everything ourselves if we only had the time.

Before I finished the Wix site for my client I had quite a bit of experience building websites with more difficult programs. So, if you could build a bunch of Wix sites you could most likely get fairly proficient at it too. But you’re probably going to only build one. For yourself. And there is a learning curve involved. Ask my client. After you spend all that time figuring out that Wix program your website would have been long since completed if you hired a professional.

Obviously there are a lot of people trying to learn how to build their own website with no training and doing a good job at it. More power to them. But the biggest drawback to the Wix website – in my opinion – is the fact that you can never transfer – or migrate – that website to another server like you can with more reputable website programs. You are married to Wix. And if you want a die-vorce – you are going to have to start all over from scratch. You will lose it all.

So before you take that big step forward to a build your own website, make sure you ask what happens if you become disappointed or want to upgrade your site.

You just might have second thoughts. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. All is not as easy as it seems.

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