Website Tune-Up

According to Website Magazine, 85 per cent of people who set out to build their own “FREE” web site never finish it.

Are you part of that 85 per cent? Maybe you need a website tune-up.


I have one such client, Bill B, who, by no fault of his own just couldn’t finish what he had started. Read Bill’s testimonial.


They just don’t realize how much work and time it entails. And that there is NO SUCH THING as a FREE WEB SITE. At least not with your very own domain name.


So. What do you do if you realize you are in over your head with the web site you set out to build yourself?


Well, contact Click Du Jour of course. We can handle most any web design project you started but couldn’t get finished. We can also perform a first time or updated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. We call it a Website Tune-Up.


Any of the so-called “free” web programs you see on the television. If you get in over your head contact us and will will finish the job for you.


We can also freshen up an old web site you own that has been stagnant for too long. It might require a complete do-over or perhaps just working with what you already have.

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