Free Websites

Free Websites Are A Myth

There is no such thing as free website hosting services or free website services. No reputable business will design a web page for free. Those ads on TV are just to get your attention. Someone has to pay something to design a web page, or design a web site. You can try doing it yourself but, according to Website Magazine, 85 per cent of people give up. (I misplaced the magazine, so you’ll have to take my word on that one). It’s a lot of work and takes many hours to build a decent website. It’s certainly no day at the beach if you haven’t done it before.

No Day at the Beach
No Day at the Beach

And you’ll need a website host service.

They don’t tell you that in the ads, and those certainly are not free. That’s really what they’re selling. Hosting services. The “free” website program is the hook. They make their money from the hosting. And with most of them, if you want to move your site to new hosting it’s not possible. So, then you would have to build a new website.

But enough about the quickie-mart sites.

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