Facebook Sucks

Facebook Sucks – Does it really ?


I’ve been getting my butt kicked with Facebook pages lately.


I’m getting sick and tired of Facebook forcing me to add customer pages to my own account. I feel I should be able to create and maintain my clients’ Facebook accounts. Some of my clients want a Facebook account but have no desire to set up an account and maintain a page. And I don’t blame them. It’s a hassle and a time killer. And if that client wants to pay me to do it for them, why not ? I tried it but Facebook shut me down. Huge waste of time and effort.

The time spent trying to acquire “Likes” for your Facebook page would be better spent on your own website. Paying for Facebook “Likes” was a waste of money for me. 


Facebook a Necessary Evil


Make no mistake, I still believe you need a Facebook page for your business or personal blog, if for nothing else other than to increase your SEO. I’m just less enthusiastic about time spent on a Facebook page versus new content on your website. Facebook is a necessary evil to add to your arsenal of search engine optimization tricks. But some peeps seem to think a Facebook page can replace a website. Absolutely, positively not. How much time or money did you spend to get those measly 100 “Likes” ? Get my point ?

Any thoughts ? I will add more to this post as time dictates.