Back Up Your Website

Backing Up Your Website To Your Own Computer


Why it is a good practice.


If you have a reputable hosting plan (and there is no reason to think you don’t) the company you rent your server from should perform regular backups of your site. That being said, I believe it is also a great idea to have backups of your entire website and database on your own pc, computer, external hard drive, cloud or flash drive. If there is fallout with your hosting provider, or, heaven forbid, they go out of business, you have a full backup of your website to migrate or deploy on a new server or with a new hosting company. Back up your website to your personal computer. It just makes good sense.

Tools For Planning Ahead

How to do your own website backups.


To do your own website backups you need access to your server via FTP (file transfer protocol) and to your database, via whichever control panel you are using, usually Linux or Microsoft. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet to walk you through it. You could also hire someone or have the person that built the website do it for you. It’s worth the investment.

If nothing else it will give you piece of mind.


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