Clown Making Balloon Animals

Wix Is For Kids

Silly Wabbit – Wix Is For Kids


Yeah. I saw the Super Bowl ad.

$4 million for 30 seconds. Has to make you wonder how much the price of a build-your-own website is going to go up in price.

So. If you haven’t already read it on here somewhere, I built one of them Wix websites. It was almost as easy as a Play-Doh Fun Factory – for me. Of course I lost count of how many websites I’ve built since 2004. Why would I use the cheesiest program out there to build a website? Because someone paid me to do it. He bought into the fallacy and couldn’t get past the first page. He hired me to finish the job because he couldn’t.

I suppose you could make a fairly decent one if you have basic computer skills. I suppose you could pull your own teeth and replace the brakes on your car if you had the basic know-how to try it. And the time. Yeah time. We could do everything ourselves if we only had the time.

Before I finished the Wix site for my client I had quite a bit of experience building websites with more difficult programs. So, if you could build a bunch of Wix sites you could most likely get fairly proficient at it too. But you’re probably going to only build one. For yourself. And there is a learning curve involved. Ask my client. After you spend all that time figuring out that Wix program your website would have been long since completed if you hired a professional.

Obviously there are a lot of people trying to learn how to build their own website with no training and doing a good job at it. More power to them. But the biggest drawback to the Wix website – in my opinion – is the fact that you can never transfer – or migrate – that website to another server like you can with more reputable website programs. You are married to Wix. And if you want a die-vorce – you are going to have to start all over from scratch. You will lose it all.

So before you take that big step forward to a build your own website, make sure you ask what happens if you become disappointed or want to upgrade your site.

You just might have second thoughts. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. All is not as easy as it seems.

Clown Making Balloon Animals

Clown Making Balloon Animals


Bass Guitarist Lake George New York

You Get The Picture

You Get The Picture

Taking Your Own Web Photos – Totally Amateur Photography

Gothic Farmers

Gothic Farmers

Some pros refer to it as “Down and Dirty” – others refer to it as “Guerilla Photography.”

Whatever the case, there comes a time when any professional photographer is short on supplies, forgot his tungsten light set at home or his external flash batteries go dead,

For the purposes of this article, I am talking the absolute basics for a newbie photographer who has to get some pics in a hurry for his or her website.

When Outdoors:

  1. ALWAYS have the sun at your back.
  2. Avoid shooting at high noon when shadows will hide your subject’s eyes and cast a shadow under his or her nose.
  3. Just set the camera to automatic and disable the flash.
  4. Use a tripod if possible.
  5. Don’t place your subject in front of a lamp-post, small tree, or any vertical object that is going to look like it’s growing out of your subject’s head.

When Indoors:

  1. Light, light, light. Disable your camera flash and turn on every light in the room. Add more lamps / lights if you can find them.
  2. Once again. Set the camera to auto and let it do the work. We’re talkin’ amateur hour here.
  3. Do not place your subject in front of a brightly lit window or your subject will turn out as a dark shadow.
  4. DO place your subject near a natural light source like a window.
  5. Generally try to get your entire subject in the picture. Don’t cut off feet, elbows or top of the head.
  6. Use a tripod or lean on something to keep camera shake at a minimum.
  7. Try not to center your subject in the picture frame. It usually makes for a boring picture. It’s called “The Rule of Thirds.” See picture below.

My time has run out but, I will come back soon and explain my basic photography suggestions in more detail.


Metal Grinder At Work

Metal Grinder At Work














Digital Download

Glens Falls Outsourcing

Glens Falls Outsourcing Websites?

It’s true. I kid you not.


I was doing a Google search to see how my own websites are ranking and I stumbled on what looked like a new web design agency in Glens Falls. I had to place a link here to prove a point. This not something new but what struck me was how I, myself, got sucked in to taking a look. The outfit is out of Panama and at first glance they look like a legitimate local website. But they are not. I did the research.

Why would anyone in the Glens Falls area in their right mind have a website outsourced to Panama of all places?


How could you trust your hard earned money to an outfit that is so far away? What if they are fake? Who would you call if your site crashed? Who would you negotiate with if you weren’t happy with their work? Would you drive down there and talk to the owner?

Of course this is a ruse, like many others I’ve seen.


Some build websites and some are just a middleman, as is the case here. I’ve seen enough carnage that outsourcing has done to the job markets in the good ole USA to stay away from this kind of thing. I’ve seen how Walmart has enslaved workers and lowered our entire standard of living.

But there seems to be some hope on the horizon.


More people seem to be catching on and are at least making an attempt to buy local – and American Made – if possible. If you have a beef with Click Du Jour LLC  – you are probably going to be talking to me – the owner. Or you’ll come to my home office or I will travel to yours. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and we’ll be able to work things out by phone or email. Please folks. Buy local and Made in the USA whenever possible. And now I shall step down from my soapbox. 

Carry on.


Red Thumbs Down To Facebook

Facebook Sucks

Facebook Sucks – Does it really ?


I’ve been getting my butt kicked with Facebook pages lately.


I’m getting sick and tired of Facebook forcing me to add customer pages to my own account. I feel I should be able to create and maintain my clients’ Facebook accounts. Some of my clients want a Facebook account but have no desire to set up an account and maintain a page. And I don’t blame them. It’s a hassle and a time killer. And if that client wants to pay me to do it for them, why not ? I tried it but Facebook shut me down. Huge waste of time and effort.

The time spent trying to acquire “Likes” for your Facebook page would be better spent on your own website. Paying for Facebook “Likes” was a waste of money for me. 


Facebook a Necessary Evil


Make no mistake, I still believe you need a Facebook page for your business or personal blog, if for nothing else other than to increase your SEO. I’m just less enthusiastic about time spent on a Facebook page versus new content on your website. Facebook is a necessary evil to add to your arsenal of search engine optimization tricks. But some peeps seem to think a Facebook page can replace a website. Absolutely, positively not. How much time or money did you spend to get those measly 100 “Likes” ? Get my point ?

Any thoughts ? I will add more to this post as time dictates.



Tools For Planning Ahead

Content Is King

Content is King – An Important Website Goal


Content is king. This may be the most important factor in how the search engines rank your website. It’s also perhaps the most overlooked.

The quality of what is written on the pages of your site carry a lot of clout.


If you can say something unique or different than your competition, the Boogle and Ging ( see how I did that ?  kidding ) Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask robots that continually scan the trillions of websites in the universe will take notice.

If you can maintain a blog that continually adds new content, you are going to get results. You can spend all kinds of do re mi ( moola, cashola, monage, money ) on advertising and social marketing, but if what your website has to say is boilerplate, your SEO ranking will suffer. Unlock the potential of your website with content.

unlock your laptop


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