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Glens Falls Outsourcing Websites?

It’s true. I kid you not.


I was doing a Google search to see how my own websites are ranking and I stumbled on what looked like a new web design agency in Glens Falls. I had to place a link here to prove a point. This not something new but what struck me was how I, myself, got sucked in to taking a look. The outfit is out of Panama and at first glance they look like a legitimate local website. But they are not. I did the research.

Why would anyone in the Glens Falls area in their right mind have a website outsourced to Panama of all places?


How could you trust your hard earned money to an outfit that is so far away? What if they are fake? Who would you call if your site crashed? Who would you negotiate with if you weren’t happy with their work? Would you drive down there and talk to the owner?

Of course this is a ruse, like many others I’ve seen.


Some build websites and some are just a middleman, as is the case here. I’ve seen enough carnage that outsourcing has done to the job markets in the good ole USA to stay away from this kind of thing. I’ve seen how Walmart has enslaved workers and lowered our entire standard of living.

But there seems to be some hope on the horizon.


More people seem to be catching on and are at least making an attempt to buy local – and American Made – if possible. If you have a beef with Click Du Jour LLC  – you are probably going to be talking to me – the owner. Or you’ll come to my home office or I will travel to yours. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and we’ll be able to work things out by phone or email. Please folks. Buy local and Made in the USA whenever possible. And now I shall step down from my soapbox. 

Carry on.


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Content Is King

Content is King – An Important Website Goal


Content is king. This may be the most important factor in how the search engines rank your website. It’s also perhaps the most overlooked.

The quality of what is written on the pages of your site carry a lot of clout.


If you can say something unique or different than your competition, the Boogle and Ging ( see how I did that ?  kidding ) Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask robots that continually scan the trillions of websites in the universe will take notice.

If you can maintain a blog that continually adds new content, you are going to get results. You can spend all kinds of do re mi ( moola, cashola, monage, money ) on advertising and social marketing, but if what your website has to say is boilerplate, your SEO ranking will suffer. Unlock the potential of your website with content.

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Website Maintenance

Why Pay For Website Maintenance or Monitoring?




The Web Doctor Is In.


Your CMS (content management system), or any website platform for that matter, is built using various programs. Just like your computer’s operating system (ie: Windows, Mac), someone is always trying to hack into it and cause you major problems. Also, programs and operating systems are constantly being updated just to improve upon them.

Your Web Designer should inform you of this and offer to take care of it.


Instead, some just love you and leave you. Many website designers and developers give you a price for the website alone. Just like you wanted. Right? Done deal. You almost can’t blame them. After all, that’s what you asked for. They provided you with your nice, new $8,000 website and left you to make sure it doesn’t break down. But you don’t know how. You don’t even know these potential problems exist. How could you? That’s one of the reasons you hired someone else to build your site instead of trying to do it yourself (also a bad idea – another story).


Website maintenance is worth the money.


I suspect many web-masters are afraid they will lose the sale if they try to tack on a maintenance fee. Kind of like selling replacement insurance on your $25 coffee maker. Well, I’m here to tell you that a website maintenance contract is a must-have addition to the price of having your website built. A stagnant website continues to become more and more susceptible to hackers. Your site could just crash if no-one updates it, checks to see if the server is maxed out, the domain expired or a myriad of other scenarios. Days, weeks, sometimes months can go by without you knowing your website is down.

I really discovered this problem when giving quotes on website updates or rebuilds. I was amazed at how many sites had been neglected; full of errors and outdated programs, just begging to be fixed. I’m sure I’m not the first one to stumble on this anomaly, but I’d like to make people aware of the potential heartache of a crashed website. It’s such a needless waste of time and money.

We future-proof your business.

Tech changes, and so do your tastes. We don’t charge you thousands of dollars up front for a site that sits untouched for years. We charge a monthly fee because with Click Du Jour, your site will always be evolving.

We don’t really charge all that much for it.

The way I see it, it doesn’t do my reputation any good if your site crashes after a year or two. I’ll probably be the first one that gets blamed. So, do yourself a favor and go the extra bucks for site maintenance. It’s kind of like having a neighbor watch your house while you’re on vacation. Or like having your own security guard and car mechanic on retainer. It’s a feature that seems to get overlooked, but one that is very important to you and your website’s well being.

To use an old platitude, I like to think of it as service after the sale.




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Sitemap – The Unsung Hero in Website Design and SEO


What the heck is a sitemap?


The sitemap helps you navigate this website. It has all the links listed on one page or in the footer (below the bottom of the page) or in the sidebar (on the right site of the page in this case). The site map organizes all the pages and links. It sorts them out in compartments such as school lockers would for students.

Student Opening Locker

The sitemap also helps the search engine spiders such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, Yandex and others navigate, sort and index the site. This helps the search engine sort page links out so they hopefully appear in some orderly fashion when someone searches for, in my case, web designers, website designers, graphic designers, photographers – well you get the picture (see how I did that?).

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